Here at Cornerstone Summit, we believe that life is better when it is done together. In our Rally Groups we strive to provide a casual and relaxing space for people to come together and grow their faith. Below are the current available Rally Groups and we hope you will join us at one of these gatherings.

The Squad Rally Group

Mondays, at 6:30pm at Cornerstone Summit Church • 1100 East King Street, Boone, NC 28607

The Squad prides itself on engaging one another in authentic and open dialogue. Our connections are fueled through a willingness to be vulnerable with each other and challenge each other to take steps forward in our relationships, our work, and our walks with the Lord. We have a unique blend of singles and couples, college students and seasoned saints.

Life Together (LT) Rally Group

Tuesdays, at 6:00pm at Cornerstone Summit Church • 1100 East King Street, Boone, NC 28607

The LT rally group is a part of our spiritual family! A place where you can feel at home and enjoy fellowship! We strive to be the first support system within our church family. We make a collective effort to connect deeper with each other, reach out to the community as one, and grow in our walk with the Lord. We create an intentional space reaching a diverse group of race, age, or life stage. We look forward to welcoming new group members with open arms weekly.

The Community Squad Rally Group

Wednesdays, at 6:00pm at Cornerstone Summit Church • 1100 East King Street, Boone, NC 28607

The Community Squad seeks to create an atmosphere where we can have honest and transparent conversations. In connecting and growing together as a community – that is a group of interdependent individuals with diverse personalities, backgrounds, and experiences, but sharing a common heart for Christ and his Kingdom – we are intentional in cultivating meaningful relationships with each other, we are consistent in our prayer for one another, and we are diligent in our response to the Holy Spirit. (We also love to snack!)

Connect 4ce (Connect Force)

Thursdays at 7pm At The Brumfield House • 2521 Deerfield Rd, Boone

Connect 4ce is the Thursday Rally group. We believe that connections are key in establishing community and developing spiritual maturity. We love to fellowship with one another. Together, we are intentional about our time in the word and hearing from each other. Our group consist of new visitors, friends, singles, couples and families. You are welcome to bring your kids!